8 sep. 2007

making socks on a flatbed-machine

Be sure to make a left- and a right sock. This way you will have the seam on the inner side of the leg and foot.

1. Use waste yarn. Put 68 needles in working position and knit several rows.

2. Make a hem with your sock yarn. In this example 2x30 rows.
Hang the first row on the needles to create the hem.
(Suggestion: use a slightly smaller gauge as you would for the rest of the sock).

3. Reset your rowcounter to zero and the dial for your gauge on the right number.
Then knit the leg. In this example 60 rows.

4. Push left half of the needles in non-working position to make the heel on the right side.
a. On carriage-side push one needle in not-working position and knit one row.
Repeat until 1/3 of the heel stitches are put in rest. In this example: 11 on each side.
b. Now work in reverse: put 1 ndl back in working on the opposite side of the carriage.
Put the yarn on carriage-side over the next needle OUT WORKING to avoid holes.
Knit 1 row.
Repeat until all the heel-stitches are back in working position.

5. Put all needles in working position and knit the foot. In this example 68 rows.
This is appr. for a size 42 (european). For any other size you need 4 rows more ór less per size.

6. Knit the toe as you did the heel. When you knit the heel on the right half of the sock
you make the toe on the left half.

7. When done you take your sock off the machine with waste yarn.
Toe and foot part seperately from each other. Close the toe with kitchener stitch.

Good Luck !

6 sep. 2007

Eerste bericht van mij na het openen van m'n weblog.

Ik ben benieuwd of er mensen zijn die belangstelling hebben voor mijn blog en hoop op veel "volgers".